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#BurnOutTheBully & driven4communications Partnership

"Thring Motorsports and #BurnOutTheBully is happy to announce their partnership with driven4communications. #BurnOutTheBully is very excited to finalize their apparel vendor and could not be happier with their choice of working with driven4communications.

Starting in the New Year you can order all #BurnOutTheBully merchandise off their new online store that will be set up in the coming months. All prices will be tax and shipping included. They will be selling their high in demand t-shirts as well sweaters will be held off for sale until the colder racing months.

#BurnOutTheBully is excited to announce a few new upcoming items for the 2018 racing season. "#BurnOutTheBully cannot thank Pete, Brittany, Dave & George enough for their support and we look forward to partnering with them in 2018 to kick off the year of #BurnOutTheBully."" Taylor Thring announced.

driven4communications is excited to be a part of being awareness to #BurnOutTheBully for the 2018 season. "We are all very excited to be helping Taylor bring awareness to bullying and a cause that is very close to her heart." driven4communications explained.

Look for more of our plans this coming season with our announcement video from Daytona, Florida! driven4communications

To keep up to date on #BurnOutTheBully announcements please follow Thring Motorsports on Facebook

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